The Hercules® 614 Multi-Plane Stainless Steel Chain is a direct replacement for a cable conveyor. The HSM 614 is oilless, greaseless, and utilizes existing T-Track, drive, idler frames, and hubs by replacing existing idlers and sprockets with direct replacement sprockets. The HSM 614 employs a polymer washer to eliminate metal-on-metal contact, and reduce friction. Because of it's greaseless, stainless steel design there is no rusting, flaking, or grease to drip on to the product below. With the increased strength, and unlimited options for hooks, clamps, and other devices this new sanitary chain has endless applications in your plant.
  • Improved sanitary design for easier cleaning
  • Oilless and greaseless
  • Allows for use of current travel path
Through a series of tests conducted by an independent lab, the Hercules® HSM 614 Chain provides outstanding strength capable of handling even the most demanding loads.