Strength for more than 10 years

Hercules® is the brand name associated with overhead components built by IDFI. The Hercules® product line was started in early 2004 with the development of the Hercules® rail switch. This was the industry's first rail switch to offer guaranteed-to-fit replacement parts, as well as many other benefits. The Hercules® slogan, "Stronger by Design," drives the objective behind the brand to build stronger, more reliable products for overhead systems. Many products in the Hercules® lineup are patented or patent-pending, and are backed by years of knowledge and research. They have been proven to be the most innovative and durable products, setting new standards in today's industry.

IDFI can complete the layout, design, and installation of your overhead system while incorporating Hercules® products, including the HSM 614 stainless steel chain, pin and lift indexers, and much more.

Check out some of the Hercules® products we have available.