Built from stainless steel, the Column Dumper power lifts and discharges 1,000lbs of product to a higher elevation*. Great for applications that require sanitation while maintaining durability. and Ideal for most food industry applications. *Elevation is limited to the available screw length, approx 10ft.* Dense Chrome 2 Ball Screw: Corrosion resistant, this 2 ball screw, with proper maintenance has a estimated life span of over 1 million cycles. 300 Series Stainless Steel: To achieve strength and durability, the Column Dumper is manufactured out of 303 and 304 series stainless steel. Ultraflon Bearings: The Column Dumper uses Ultraflon bearings that require no lube in order to ensure low-maintenance while maintaining strength & durability. Heavy Duty Timken Tapered Bearings: This heavy duty thrust bearing has a double lip seal to keep dirt and moisture out. Equipped with Remote grease zerk. Stainless Steel 3 Cam Follower Pivot: This Stainless Steel Cam Follower has a load rating over 10,00lbs, ensuring strength and longevity.